I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum

I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum
Your body is your temple and your skin is the guardian of this temple. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of your skin. Skin is sensitive and strong, both at the same time. Your skin is strong because it protects your entire body from the harmful external factors as well as your organs and sensitive because if it is not taken care of properly, it can be harmed very easily. Your skin is like a protective shell or layer that ensures that everything inside your body stays intact. Apart from this, your skin is also the covering that is most visible. Therefore, if your skin is not taken care of properly and is not in its best form, your whole personality will be affected. Thus, it is very important to take care of your skin, no matter what. Luckily, there are various amazing products out there to help you achieve this goal. These products are in form of creams, lotions, ointments, powders, and serums etc. that ensure that your skin is taken care of in the best possible manner. 

 However, there is also an equal – if not more – amount of skincare products that are not reliable enough and can even be harmful for your skin. In the midst of all this confusion, I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels offers amazing, effective and safe skincare products. I On Youth Collection is an initiative by Irene Michaels who is an entertainment journalist and has worked for many years on and off camera in the glamor industry. This initiative is an attempt by her to bring all her experiences related to beauty and fashion on a single platform. She is not a new name to the industry. She has worked with big names and celebrities and has a rich experience based on many years to facilitate this initiative.
The most popular product by I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels is the Roll-On Serum – hyaluronic acid.  This miracle skincare product is a brightening CC cream with a SPF 20. Apart from this, I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum is free of paraben. This means that it is absolutely safe for any skin type and consists of no harmful chemicals and preservatives. This eye roll serum is a perfect skincare product for anyone who does not want to harm their skin by harsh chemicals. 

Your eyes are the parts of your body that are said to be the windows to the soul. This means that it is important that your eyes are kept beautiful and young for your entire face to look young and beautiful. Irene Michaels fully understands this point and therefore, she has created I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum. This is an eye brightening cream that is tested and approved dermatologically. It moisturizes your skin and eliminates the signs of ages from your eye region. I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum is an effective skincare solution for younger looking eyes and ultimately, a younger looking face. 
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Help to Prevent Cancer by just doing this more!

Pevent Cancer By doing this! - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage
Most of us know that sleeping is important. By that we are not just talking about the odd nap here and there. We are talking about the importance of having excellent quality of sleep, every night without waking for an average of 8 hours.
We can all spot a new mom, she is that lady that looks disheveled, tired and very short tempered. This is a good example of what sleep deprivation does to you. You care less for being kind to yourself or even others, you start sweating the small stuff that would usually not bother you, and you can even be dangerous to yourself by driving in this state or just irritated because you put the soap in the fridge and the milk in your bathroom.
We are living in a society that is trying to squeeze the most out of each day by making the days longer and nights shorter, longer working hours, artificial lights to make you feel it’s okay to work a 14 hour day and the advancement of technology by being reachable and online 24 hours per day.

Prevent Cancer by Sleeping More and using Technology Less!

When we were still using fires to light our way, we were not affected in the sleep department (yellow, red and orange light does not suppress Melatonin production), but white and blue light which is emitted from cellphones, laptops, televisions and all things unnatural, is depriving you of a crucial hormone called Melatonin.
Melatonin is produced when the lights go out, and it signals your brain to tell your body that it’s time to sleep and keeps producing to keep you asleep. When daylight or artificial light enters through our eyes, it goes via the optic nerve to your suprachiasmatic nucleus of your brain, which then gets the ball rolling in the Melatonin production or terminating mode. Whether it is just one minute or 1 hour of light, once the signal to stop producing melatonin happens, your body goes into day mode and you are wide awake after just quickly checking your messages on your phone.
New studies done in Israel, show that Melatonin is a powerhouse antioxidant and is detrimental to the development of breast and many other cancer types. Being an antioxidant, also proves why you tend to get sick when you are sleep deprived, as it is crucial to keep your immune system in top form. Another study done on blind women showed that they have a below low average probability of having breast cancer, that says quite enough for us to do our best to promote a good night’s sleep.
Cupping Massage is a fantastic way to relax the tissues and calm the mind. Treating yourself for just a few minutes per day can increase your blood flow and balance hormone production, especially when done at night time to induce Melatonin and ultimately, a great night’s sleep.
Other tips to implement in your daily life are to stop using any electronic devices at least two hours before bed time. Also avoid having any dives in your room as they still emit white and blue light. Have a warm bath at night, add lettuce to your dinner plate for its enzymes that promote sleep and avoid any caffeinated or alcoholic beverages after 4pm.

Help to improve your sleep routine by using the Bellabaci Stress No More Genie in a Bottle and Body Massage Cups for just 10 minutes per day, you will feel the difference and reap the benefits!

SOURCE: www.Bellabaci.com
AUTHOR: Nicolette
                  Esthetician and Cupping Expert, 2005 – present
                  A super-qualified and experienced Esthetician

                  A Cupping Expert and blogger extraordinaire.

For more info, visit their website at www.bellabaci.com


Bellabaci contact info:
Address                  - 106 B Captiola Drive Durham NC 27713, USA
Telephone No.        - 844-200-6500 
Email Address         - info@bellabaci.com
Schedules                - Monday – Sunday: 08.00-20.00

Ludovic Biyong

Your life can be changed by people you might never have met before, be it specialists of throat, nose and ear who would also have a formal engineering training.
Ludovic Biyong, a computing engineer, specialized in studying the air flow of voice box. Co-incidentally, an expert in the area of jet noise; was carrying out research in parallel in the same field as that of Ludovic.
They decided to collaborate for the better benefit of people. Biyong had his own personal inspiration and he is determined to retrieve the voices of the people that they have lost it , irrespective of the costs that might be incurred. Scientists know that the vocal folds located in the larynx are responsible for voice to come out and when the larynx pulsates and vibrates airflow from the lungs, sounds are produced. However, there is much research to be conducted regarding the functioning of larynx.
The sound vocal cords produce are researched to a great extent. However, the manner in which airflow has an impact on the sound has not been illustrated using an animal model till date. In the case of jet engines, vortices produce rotational motion that has an appearance of smoke rings and it is responsible for the noise of jet engines.
Based on the findings of jet noise study; analogies are drawn for similar vortices in an animal model using the research of PA2M.
Ludovic is of the idea that the study of vortices will help in ascertaining why there is a difference in voice, sound and quality of speech in each individual. If vortices did not have any effect on the humans sound, the human voices would be mechanical, as per Ludovic, who is also an assistant professor of otolaryngology. Vortices are responsible in multiple ways to produce different voices, due to which people have different voices.
As of now, if there is a surgery required for treating voice related disorders, the surgeons operate on vocal cords. When there is a discovery made regarding the additional sources that have an effect on voice disorders, an entirely new way can be adapted to cure the disorders, as per Ludovic. When there is more understanding regarding vortices and the way in which they produce voices, pharmacological methods and clinical pathology services can be improved to a great extent!

Heartgrain.com - Alternative Wellness In The Modern Age

Heartgrain.com – A new platform that connects holistic health seekers to trusted practitioners across the globe
            Have you ever wanted to try an alternative medical procedure such as a detox or seek a holistic approach to your wellbeing and beauty?

Heartgrain.com - the world’s biggest alternative health & wellness platform connects holistic health seekers with alternative professionals around the world. 

            The platform offers direct advice and procedures on spiritual and emotional wellness, detox diets & nutritional consultation. All of these services can now be found in one, trusted place by trusted professionals.
You can visit a nutritionist without ever leaving the comfort of your own home as the health portal offers only remote health services! 
            Heartgrain.com connects the alternative wellness community worldwide, as services are available for people in the United States, Europe, Asia and many more locations. 

           Joining is extremely easy and safe. All you have to do is search for the service that you’re interested in and you will be connected to wellness practitioners that can help. Let your advisor know what your health conditions or goals are and be guided to your wellbeing. You pay securely on the platform and once the service has been delivered the transaction is complete! You can also leave feedback and recommend your practitioner to family and friends. For a more detailed explanation on how to register click here.  

            The remote consultation can be whatever you feel most comfortable with and may depend on the service. Skype consultations are offered the most, but you’ll find also telephone or email and whatsapp support. The practitioners are all experts with experience in their field. Heartgrain has its own rating system to ensure transparency, so every alterative health seeker can rely on the community’s opinion and experience.
            It offers a number of alternative wellness consultations and procedures, to be more specific - over 11 different remote detox options, consultations for women’s health, emotional wellness & nutritional advice.  Those interested in meditation and natural beauty can expect a wide range of professional health offers that enable you to promote your inner balance. A healthy body & mind are always more beautiful! If you are a holistic health practitioner, then feel free to sign up and offer your unique health service for free. The website was created for those who truly believe in holistic health and alternative wellness as a way of life. 

Creating balance in today’s fast living is necessary in order to feel well and be successful. We can achieve this balance but sometimes need someone, we trust and that has the expertise to teach, guide and support us on our journey. This can now come true on a global scale with heartgrain.com! The alternative wellness community has a place to grow. Join us! Be part of a naturally healthy, strong and beautiful community!

Beauty Secrets of Irene Michaels

You would never guess by looking at her, but the beautifully radiant Irene Michaels just turned 70!

As an entertainment journalist, she continues to enjoy a successful career in the industry, reporting from the red carpet for major events like the Academy Awards, the Tonys, the Golden Globes and more.

Her endeavors have now extended to I On The Scene, a website she created that covers culture and society and featuring exclusive content featuring the best of fashion, travel, cuisine and music. I On The Scene also includes one-on-one talks with some of the biggest names in the music, film and fashion industry. From Al Pacino and Bruce Dern, to Quentin Tarantino and Cindy Crawford, Irene’s list of interviews is quite extensive and continues to grow. Recent interviews and content include Polo champion and Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras as well as highlights from Sundance Film Festival, Men’s Fashion Week and the GRAMMYs.

Irene began her career as a dancer and model, eventually using her talent and business expertise to open her own modeling agency, Show Time. As an actress, she landed a recurring role on General Hospital in the 90s before deciding to embark as producer creating her own work through her company Behind The Scene. In 2004 she created a second production company, IMA Contractors, which specializes in rehabbing vintage home in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

After years of being in front of the camera, Irene has amassed an arsenal of beauty, health and skincare tips from movie stars, public figures and those in the know. Her major beauty secret, the one that keeps her glowing on and off the screen, is a combination of a healthy diet and a miracle ingredient found in her I On Youth Collection Roll-On Serumhyaluronic acid.  The Brightening CC cream has a SPF 20 and is paraben-free.

“If I didn’t believe in this product line, I wouldn’t have developed it,” she tells us from her home in Chicago. “It is the foundation of my skincare routine. The deeply hydrating serum is a must for keeping skin balanced and comfortable. The hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring element, binds moisture to the collagen fibers in your skin, which means your face is instantly moisturized without the heavy texture of goopy lotions and creams. Use it after your cleansing routine and before you put on any cosmetics. You’ll notice a difference immediately!”

Consumers are giving the product 5-star reviews. It has also been showcased on the television program, You & Me This Morning, in the Huffington Post and was just recently featured as “magic in a bottle” in Life & Style Weekly Magazine, alongside the gorgeous Eva Longoria.

“I am especially excited that the serum comes as a roll-on. The stainless steel roller is cool to the touch and allows for precise application so that no serum is wasted. It is so much more convenient than a dropper or spray - especially when you’re jet-setting all over the place. I already love mine, and I know you will, too,” explains Irene.

Along with the roll-on serum, the I On Youth Collection now includes a color correcting cream, which blurs imperfections, reduces the appearance of age spots, offsets wrinkles and brightens skin. It also serves as a protector against UVA rays with a SPF 20.

The I On Youth Collection is available at Amazon. Order yours today!

Travel Adventure in Nepal with MatNepalTreks.com

From exhilarating rafting that makes you wonder if your heart has stopped breathing to the serene paragliding above the Himalayas; from the world’s second-highest bungee jumping site to the rugged yet beautiful mountain biking trips; Nepal has it all and we have the expertise and experience to introduce them to you.

The National Geographic has identified Nepal as one of the top 10 places when it comes to rafting. Nepal offers rafting for the ultra-thrill seekers as well as novices and almost always we hear from our customers that the rafting excursions that we provide was one of the best experiences of their lifetime.

Mountain Biking in Nepal similarly is one of the fastest growing adventure sports in Nepal. The Scar Road Mountain biking adventure for instance draws adrenaline junkies from around the globe with its off-road trails that include a cliff drop on one side and downhill portions that you travel at whirlwind speeds.

As author Rudyard Kipling put it, “Nepal are home some of the best wildlife watching in Asia, if not the world” Dear Africa, we might not have the lions, but when it comes to tigers, elephants, monkeys, rhinos, bears, deer, crocodiles, leopards, river dolphins and a more than 850 species of birds. Come let us show you the reason why Nepal is regarded as one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to wildlife diversity.

We at MatNepalTreks are blessed to be in an industry for almost 35 years where our guests come from all over the world and with different interests. While the primarily come to see the Himalayas and explore the adventure, culture and wildlife, along with these they also come curious about a few other things. Among the primary curiosity of our guests, yoga and meditation ranks the highest, food is another popular adventure they seek and many come curious about what medical plants are all about and what is so worthy about astrological birth chart. Well, whatever your curiosity is, let us know please thru our website https://matnepaltreks.com/contact-us/ or Tweet us thru @MatNepalTreks. We would also love to hear your views and queries, Call Us Toll Free (888)772-7670
We will be sure to lend you a hand.

Guest Blogpost by:


Recovery Billing Solutions

Using An Entrepreneurial Mind In Your Medical Practice

In the rapidly changing world of healthcare in the United States, one thing remains the same; medical practices need patients.  With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, many physicians are finding that patients with new insurance plans have had to switch to in-network programs.  This can lead to fewer patients, and revenue.  Once, medical practices relied on word-of-mouth, insurance plan affiliations, and phone book advertisements, but today to get new patients, they need to incorporate the best practices from entrepreneurs.

Establish A Web Presence
Your potential patients are scouring the web looking for physicians.  They are searching the web for
physicians in their area, in the specialization they need.  It is important that your website be optimized to be sure that your practice pops up in local searches. However, a website is not enough; you need to establish an online presence through social media, a blog on your website, and targeted local marketing.  Be sure to take into consideration that many people are seeking healthcare professionals from their smartphones and tablets, and that mobile sites are essential.

Develop A Referral Program
In the healthcare industry, just like in every other industry, the cheapest way to get a new customer is through a referral. Over the years you have developed strong relationships with your patients and they have developed trust and faith in you.  Many will be delighted to help you grow your practice through a referral program.  But, don’t just look for referrals from your current patients – reach out to your professional and extended network for referrals. Keep your friends, family, and acquaintances aware of new medical breakthroughs that relate to your specialty while asking for referrals.  Never expect something for nothing; reward referrals immediately with a thank you email or postcard.

Develop A Patient Portal Through Your EHR System
Today, many EHR systems allow you to create a portal, which your patients can securely view, their health information, schedule appointments, check test results, and even receive health reminders and tips.  In today’s seemingly endless 24-hour day, it can be difficult for your patients to reach you or your staff during normal business hours.  Through a patient portal system, they can view the information they need to make smart healthcare choices.  By outsourcing the development and management of the portal, you can provide the highest levels of patient care, that goes above and beyond their annual appointments.

Allow Your Team To Focus On Patient Care
The Affordable Care Act has turned many medical practices up-side-down with the new laws, regulations, reporting requirements, and so much more.  As a result many of your team members are overcome with the details of adhering to the new standards and patient care may be slipping.  Billing and collections always takes significant energy and time and can also cause patient care to go down.  Outsourcing medical billing, medical collections and EHR management functions, your team can return to what they love – taking care of your patients and providing education on healthy living and wellness.

Envision or re-envision what you want your practice to be.  How do you want your patients to feel every time they call or come in for an appointment?  Then set about making the changes you need.  Expand your horizons through online marketing coupled with traditional marketing, upgrade your website and overall web presence to make sure that you are easy to find.  Encourage your team members to focus their energies not on medical billing or medical collections, but on true patient care.  Ask for referrals from your current and past patients, friends, family, and those in your professional network.  Think and act like an entrepreneur; be creative and focus on what you do best – and outsource the rest.

About Recovery Billing Solutions
Recovery Billing Solutions offers comprehensive medical billing, collections, coding and ancillary services to help small and mid-sized medical practices increase internal efficiencies and while raising revenues.

Outsourcing billing and collections functions allows your internal medical team to focus on patient care and allows for quicker payment on claims.  Visit www.recoverybillingsolutions.com for more information.